11-22-13 - The 2014 "All These Worlds..." wall calendar is ready! Go to the "PRINTS" section for a link to my CafePress store.

03-01-13 - I've updated the gallery to include a new, 'mouse over' gallery, where you can see the original background plates that served as the basis for some of my digital, matte-painting-like, pieces. You'll note that there's a video gallery coming soon too!

10-05-12 - New for 2013 - If you liked last year's "All These Worlds..." wall calendar, you're going to love this year's! Look in the "PRINTS" section here for a link to my CafePress store where you can purchase the new 2013 calendar and more.

06-01-12 - New artwork in the digital gallery and new products at the 3D Impact CafePress store. Look in the "PRINTS" section here for links to the new products. Do you want to go to Mars?

10-01-11 - The 3D Impact CafePress store is now open! Check out the "PRINTS" section here for links to posters and prints of select artwork, as well as my new "All These Worlds..." 2012 wall calendar.

07-17-11 - The gallery has been updated to include a slideshow of my traditional, acrylic paintings. There are now two slideshows: one for my digital artwork and one for my traditional artwork.

05-01-11 - Welcome to the new 3D Impact web site. The site is still under construction, but the gallery is up and running and in the coming weeks you'll see new sections go live. Come back and visit often!